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Cosmetic Tattoo
Micro-pigmentation is a beauty enhancement. It can emphasize your natural eyebrow shape, eyes or plump up the appearance of your lips. It can also solve cosmetic problems resulting from medical conditions or simply liberate time. Want to always look your best, 24/7?

Your treatment will begin with a consultation discussing the shape and the color of your preference to ensure a first class result! A top of the line topical anesthetic is used to reduce any discomfort. Once you are numb and have decided the shape and color you would like, We would then start the permanent makeup process. You have the option of whether you want a natural or dramatic result. It is all up to you! You are in complete control of your treatment.

Healing Time

Most clients can return back to work right after the procedure. With any permanent cosmetic treatment expect the color to appear 20% darker and brighter than the final result. It takes approximately 4 to 6 days for the skin to heal completely and 21 days for the final color to bloom and settle.

Great for clients who suffer from hair loss and desire natural looking brows.

Eyelash enhancement

Ideal for clients with little or no eyelashes. Also for those who'd like to achieve thicker and fuller lashes.
(top) 300.00 (bottom) 300.00


Good for clients who'd like a custom design eyeliner resulting in a smudge-free look that will last years!

Lip liner
For those who crave a more voluptuous look and custom pigment to your lips.

Full lip shade
A beautiful and easy alternative for applying lip stick with your choice of a custom shade.



  Before                             After (Healed)
  Before correction                    After (Healed)

Before                                     After

Before                              Immediately after
Before                                          After (Healed)

Before                                           After (Healed)