Eternal Cosmetic Beauty
Advanced Skin Care, Electrologist and Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

            Permanent Makeup is an investment in yourself that lets you always look your best, anytime, permanently.

   Melodie Girard, the name you can trust in Permanent Makeup. She defines the importance of precision in every treatment she performs. Micro-pigmentation is a revolutionary procedure in which Hypo-allergenic, pharmaceutical grade pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. It is useful for all women in any stage of their lives. This corrective treatment is used to enhance a woman's natural beauty such as striking eyes, perfect eyebrows and luscious lips to give a natural and colorful enhanced look 24/7. This will result in a less time consuming daily regimen and solidify your self confidence with out the effort.
When it comes to your face, don't compromise.

     Perfect candidates for Permanent Makeup
  1. Hair loss and lack of definition in brows, eyes or lips
  2. Thin brows caused by years of over plucking
  3. Chemotherapy or Alopecia
  4. Scars on brows, eyes or lips
  5. Lengthening your shorter existing eyebrows
  6. Thickening thin brows or eyeliner
  7. Correcting asymmetry in brows or lips
  8. Active lifestyles wanting a natural makeup look
  9. Trouble applying conventional makeup
  10. Desire to enhance ones natural beauty

 Melodie Girard
Master Cosmetic Tattoo Artist